About Watch and Whirl

My Main website is ‘My Name is Jamie.  Life in Prison” at http://www.mynameisjamie.net.  The focus is pretty strong.  It is about the life of Jamie Cummings, father of one of my grandsons also name Jamie.  He’s been incarcerated for a total of 13 years, but 4 of them was in juvy. This is a clear case of the School to Prison Pipeline that has been written about quite often especially in the past few years.


Because that blog is so focused It doesn’t allow me to write about other things of interest, or re-blog other things I have read by authors that I enjoy reading. So my new website, Watch and Whirl was born.   Watch and Whirl it out for the world to see. The very first blog entry will explain how that name came about. Now I have a place to post other interesting things.

If you write, if you are an artist, photographer, poet or someone who has something intelligent and worthwhile to read, or if you have a website or blog, fill out the information here or fill out the “contact us” link. Posting here means it will also have a link on, My Name is Jamie, which has now been read in 72 countries.

This isn’t for sales, techno, how to, recommending movies or things of interest to you. It isn’t for politics or biased against any religion. Faith isn’t taboo. We are all one human family and we have to respect what is important to each other. It is for people who contribute to this world in a positive way. Come and see what has been posted so far and see if you can picture yourself here as one of my friends.

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