Which Comes First, The Chicken or the Egg?

Which Comes First the chicken or the egg

This is one of the fastest ways to overload and fry a brain, especially when it is not a young chicken brain. I was told by a coach who was helping me set up my business that I needed more than just an online store web address. That doesn’t tell people who I am or why I am doing this. The store needed to be part of a larger website that had more information about the ecomm business I started. All of my products are at watchandwhirl. ecwid.com and with apps the products are organized to be sent to my Facebook store, my eBay store and now this website. All of them say Watch and Whirl with the same store front. I needed a dedicated website. It would give me credibility. Prospective buyers needed to have confidence in me if they were going to spend their money purchasing items from my stores.

I usually think things will be easier than they are, as I stare incoherently at my computer screen reading directions over and over, while watching YouTube videos about how to do it. My bottle of Tylenol is slowness decreasing as my pounding headaches after 4 a.m. are increasing. As a musician from my early life playing gigs 5-6 times a week I am still a night person who rarely goes to bed until it starts to get light as I spend every waking moment making this business work.

If this website doesn’t look quite right, or certain pages come up empty it’s because it is a work in progress. My tech abilities are pretty good compared to the average person, but not good enough compared to the younger generation who learned all of this in kindergarten. I am actually quite proud of myself for getting to this point of functionality. But it is taking time away from finishing my book, making new videos and recording new music. In the bigger picture I can’t complete them  unless the store is successful. I need money. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

The purpose for all of it was because I wanted Jamie, the main person in my book to survive re-entry into society after 13 years of prison, and so he could help support his son.

As a musician I create music by how it feels to me. It’s the same way I cook. No recipes.  I add spices and ingredients in amounts that feel right. Music is created by improvisation. To my amazement somehow it comes out right. But to create a website you have to add information in exactly the right way and read directions that tie my brain into knots.

It is slowly coming together. When I type in the web address it comes up. There are sections that need more work but the online store is there and the advertising videos are there. Links to find my music are there. Why put this on the store website? Because it is a big part of the reason this website exists.

I recently found I have a bigger problem. A few weeks ago tests showed cancer has resurfaced in my lymph system. Surgery is scheduled for 7/15/19. I can’t leave the book undone. It has taken 3.5 years to get to this point with music recorded. There is a SoundCloud player on another another page of your like to hear.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of all this. Let me know you were here. You will also find this post in the blog section at my new website   watchandwhirlshop.com

3 thoughts on “Which Comes First, The Chicken or the Egg?

  1. Dear Sonni ,
    I had read the other posts you have put up recently and was unable to think what to say . 1st Bad news compounding the difficult and complex task you have set yourself – my reaction is to wish you well . (I will pray altho’ you are an atheist – don’t be offended !) . 2nd I did try to negotiate your GoFundMe page but couldn’t find out how to work it – it kept saying something that didn’t make sense – I wanted to donate but didn’t know how to do it in £ . As to your shop – can you really make enough profit from it to be worth the expenditure in energy ? Don’t you need it for everything else you are doing AND also to survive this latest challenge to your life and health ?
    Oh dear that just sounds like (adverse) criticism ! But you do worry me and I would miss your music tbh . Yes I have read quite a few extracts from your book on Jamie and hope to buy and read the completed book . Theoretically the UK prison system is quite different but of course there are plenty wishing it to be more like the US . Anyway black people are disproportionately incarcerated for longer , for lesser crimes – just as they have a higher risk of being detained in psychiatric hospitals . Maybe our police kill less but black people are routinely handled ‘roughly’ .
    You asked what I think ! OK as to your shop , being from the UK I have never attempted to buy online from a non-UK site . I understand there can be problems and our currency has lost considerable value recently anyway . I am attached to bricks – and-mortar shops and usually buy things online which I have actually seen somewhere . I am old-fashioned in this as in many other things I guess .

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