Necessary Go Fund Me Campaign

Rainbow promising hope in a new day

After I started the Go Fund Me campaign I added two updates and photos that aren’t below. You can go to the campaign using the link below. I’ve tried to keep my issues separate but I can’t anymore.  I’m fighting cancer. I won the first battle with liver cancer with a liver transplant, but the medications I have to take suppresses my immune system so I can’t fight off much of anything. I’ve had many infections a normal person immune system would conquer.

What started as a simple skin cancer, which I had removed and it came back, removed again with part of my ear cut off and came back again so most of my left ear was cut off. It breezed through radiation afterward but a lymph node swelled within 10 days. Not good. Scary thing.

Surgery is scheduled for the 15th, a neck dissection to remove 20-40 lymph nodes by slicing my neck open which in itself has nerve damaging consequences. I can’t do radiation again on the same area. It didn’t work anyway. If the cancer is in other lymph nodes then surgery is out and chemo takes its place. Radiation on my neck would damage my throat. My survival rate is 50%. If it comes back it drops to 5%. I’m not feeling very invisible right now.

I’ll not looking for sympathy.  Everyone has their own battles to fight. I have lived 7 years longer than I would have but a liver came through for me in the nick of time. I wouldn’t wish that operation on someone I hated. There have been many consequences but I made it though all of them.


All I ask – take a look at this. If you can help I’d be overwhelmed, but passing it on to others is just as important. It needs to circulate. Maybe you know an editor who can understand the scope of what I’m doing who can guide me. Soundtracks aren’t recorded for books. Then there are many online radio programs to contact and prison reform groups to contact. They’ll preparing Jamie to speak and take over if need be, or train to work with me – when he learns how to use a computer – he needs a laptop so we can screen share. Do you know someone who would donate one for a worthy cause.

I know I’m asking a lot, but my internet friends are all I have. Go to Jamie’s blog and read about who he is. Why did I start writing to him 12 years ago. Jamie found it on his new phone for the first time last night. He’ll be reading for awhile. 540 posts. I don’t be understood fully the scope of what I’ve done. I cannot leave it undone. Please share.


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