Keyboard Music of Sonni Quick

Take a few moments to relax. Close your eyes and let it transport you. Leave a commen . What do you think?

I had to take a break from working on the store – to work on my music. Oh why can’t I do 6 things at once!!

Recorded on a Yamaha DGX650

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Listen to The Music Tells The Story by Sonni Quick on #SoundCloud

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5 thoughts on “Keyboard Music of Sonni Quick

  1. Dear Sonni ,
    I’ll have another go with the GoFundMe thing . I knew you were Buddhist but when talking to Buddhists previously I had noted that some were militantly atheist altho’ some also said they were not but did not specify as eg you have done . Perhaps I should also say I am not Christian ? I usually play down the differences between being Muslim and the other Abrahamic faiths but I was interested to see you point out what are actually major problems in Christian belief for us Muslims ! The biggest is that we stress that no human being can know God . This is not about sin , original or otherwise , merely the impossibility of a finite being understanding an infinite one . We also try not to claim complete certainty and total accuracy about anything at all – which has been heavily criticized ! Muslim scholars of the past & present usually end essays/books/theses with the phrase “But Allah knows best” which is sometimes seen as denying intellectual responsibility but in fact denies only infallibility . And yes of course there are chains of causes and effects happening all the time but I think you are a little harsh on yourself (in a previous post ?) . We all do things where we don’t think of possible consequences . Sometimes we don’t know them . I’m not making excuses only arguing for recognition of complexity . You pointed out the long term effects of having a drug using boyfriend – I’ve also had 2 longish run-ins with drugs and I too was not paying enough attention at the time . But it wasn’t just me at fault , what about the people around me ie suppliers/users ? And then there have been unexpected , possibly good consequences of my history . I have helped my son get clean 2x . OK if I had been better he wouldn’t have needed help the 2nd time but also the 2nd time would not have happened without his dealing flatmate . The point is that he was able to listen to me because I could speak from experience .

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    1. You make several good points. The phrase, about knowing God. That goes back to thinking God is a single entity abs is something you child know. To know something in that way that doesn’t have a brain. No personality. People put human qualities on something that isn’t human. You could never say you “know” any other power. You could know the laws of the faith you practice but you don’t know if they are part of man’s need to control people. Most faiths do that. Rules to follow. What is God’s law? Laws that man made up mostly to benefit certain men. From what I’ve read it was Buddhism that first elevated women to be equal with men. You can see through the centuries how women were never as good as men. In men’s eyes they still aren’t. Any religion that told me what to do I’d back away from. Even today, with catholicism, priests are shielded from the consequences of being pedofiles, yet they still want to control women’s bodies. And women listened when they were told they could use no pregnancy protection. And now they can? Did God change his mind and ten the pope? And I had read in Muslim households, because the mother are controlled, theyhad to obey the son? Or are their different sects that teach differently? I don’t know that much about the Muslim faith. I don’t know anyone here in the states.

      My husband is an Atheist, but there is a void in that he has no thinking about what life is. He thinks we are born, we die, end of story. There is no reason behind anything. I don’t think it’s that simple. I think everything happens for a reason, but that doesn’t mean we understand t what that reason is. But if we continue to learn and understand ourselves we can develope the wisdom to make better causes and therefore get better effects and be happier. And you are very right at the end – when we have been through painful obstacles and we win – we can truthfully tell someone, “I understand”. That experience gives you credibility to help someone. That then is making a good cause which helps you change the negative karma you made against yourself. Some people through the word “karma” about like it’s a joke, usually when it’s directed to someone else’s misfortune – I wouldn’t want to have “his” karma! People rarely direct it to themselves. So this is why I except full responsibility for my cancer today, but it doesn’t have to be all negative. Lots of good things happened along the way because I was an irresponsible teen!


    1. Hi. I checked at the gofundme site. It said that it is international. There is supposed to be a place where you choose where you are from and when you use your cc it converts it, no charge on either end and puts it in my account.

      The reply you didn’t get, I’ll finish it later tonight, but one thing I’ll explain now, I am a Nichiren Buddhist. An atheist believes there is nothing, no reason for anything and this life is the sum total of who we are. I don’t buy that because there would be no reason to desire to be any better and no reason to be a give instead of a take. Nichiren Buddhism is not like zen, Tibetan, Shinto or any other Buddhism. They completely miss the meaning of Buddhism and don’t know it. That kind of Buddhism is something you do, but it doesn’t change anything. Nichiren Buddhism helps you understand why you are who you are and change the parts of you that brings unhappiness. But one of the main differences between this and any other type “God” faith is that we do not put any human elements like desire, love, envy onto the power that is in the universe. The cause and effect of everything. The order of life : birth aging, sickness and death. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They are never ever out of rhythm. When we are in rhythm or life is better. The closest Christianity gets is in the phrase, “You reap what you sow” That is the law of cause and effect. There is a consequence – a reaction – to everything you think, do and say. And how you react to what happens in your life will make a new cause that gets a new reaction. How you react to life is determined by your life condition – the mood you are in. How do you control the moods to keep you from always reacting the same way, even if you don’t want to? So we say, “That’s just the way I am.” We cause everything – everything that happens to us, even if we can’t see it. So it’s easy to say that it is luck, chance or God must have wanted it to happen to us. He is praised if something good happens, but is never blamed when prayers aren’t answered.”God will answer our prayers when he is ready.” The reason why most people believe what they do is because it was how they were raised. When it looks like everyone believes something we assume it must be true. There is comfort in rituals and in thinking this higher power loves you and wants the best for you, but if you really unraveled everything you were taught was true, you’d see how many inconsistencies you gloss over because you have nothing else as big to put in its place. I have put more than 30 years into understanding what makes sense and what is fantasy. I’m still learning. People are afraid of dying and that they won’t see loved ones they miss. They want the concept of heaven, concocted by man, changing drastically over the years, to be true. Yes, there is power in the universe, but most Christians have no idea how to use that power. And since we are human, our emotions get in the way a lot. I would never tell anyone to stop believing how they believe. We can only do that on a personal level because we choose to want to try to understand what it means. You have to apply that to everything in your life, not just sometimes. I find most Christians use their faith when they have a problem but don’t apply it to everything. If you ever want to know what I’m talking about there are many of “us” in the UK. Many millions in the world in 192 countries. You just won’t read about in normal media. We are everyday people making sense of who we are. No monks in robes with shaved heads. I can give you links if you want.


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