Watch and Whirl Shop



It has grown with many new items that have been hand selected for quality. It would make me happy if you would go and take a look and share it on your social media. At the moment I can only sell to the Continental US, but that will be changing. So even if you are in another country, you have connections in the US.

Without sales I can’t pay an editor who I can publish my book about Jamie Cummings years in prison. He was just paroled and left the prison last Thursday. I will have more on that later. There is also a sequel planned that goes from 2016 through the issues of re-entry. This entire project has taken 4 years of my life and must not fall through because financially I can’t finish it off professionally. Anyone can also send money to help if you want to at by sending money to Jamie’s email address that was set up for this blog.

I will be putting a store at this blog, too, which is why I have the store the name of the blog. It will take $200 to convert a personal blog to a business.

I need your support, even if it is only looking at what I’m doing.

Here are a few pictures of recent additions to the store


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