Dreams of Dreaming


I’ve been working endless hours lately trying to fit everything in and get my two online stores open – which I did.  I want to encourage you to go.  I am adding new product all the time and I really need your support. The easiest thing to do is go to Facebook and in the search bar put Watch and Whirl.  ( I will later add the store to this blog, too).  I don’t have a separate URL for the Facebook store yet until I get my sales tax ID, but it is still open for business.  If you like and share the page it will help Facebook to increase my organic reach of how many people they will show it to for free.  Ads get pricey, so getting likes and follows really helps in the long run.

I have music instruments, household goodies like really neat rugs, Tiffany style lamps and windows, frangrances and all kinds of items in the Misc Goodies section. and if you have a little girl – and awesome purse for Easter or Spring!

If you are interested I will write a post later and tell you all the steps I took to get started if you’d like to do this yourself.

I did finish a new piece of music  and I want to share that with you and post it before I fall asleep and get caught up in another day. I hope you enjoy.

This is a soundtrack for a chapter in the book I am writing – Inside The Forbidden Outside. The chapter takes place inside a lucid dream.

I am an avid dreamer. Every night, every time I wake I am in a dream. I can get up, use the bathroom, go back to bed and pick up the same dream.  I can also sometimes make myself continue to stay asleep so I can continue to dream until I am done with it.  Can anyone else do that?

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5 thoughts on “Dreams of Dreaming

  1. Well I used to be able to dream in all the ways you mention – I remember being told that I couldn’t really control dreams which is what I called it as a child – I suppose it is more directing ? I still have a whole separate dream world with landscapes , cities , tasks that I find myself recognising in my sleep . Just not so much now which is sad. I used to be excited each night to know what might happen this time . Of course there were nightmares aplenty also . As an adult I have been told that some people do not dream , that nightmares are a sign of instability and thus normal people don’t have them , and that no-one really dreams a narrative . I don’t believe a word of it , really . My main concern is that I am not getting ideas for my artwork from dreams as I used to – any advice ? And do you dream some of your music ?

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    1. I dream lots of narratives. My mom said she never remembers dreaming. It isn’t that she doesn’t have them, she doesn’t remember them. Sad. I always go to bed waiting for the dream. I can get up in the middle of the night, go back to bed and pick up the dream again, or force myself to stay asleep just to continue it. I rarely have a nightmare be it has happened. Look up lucid dreaming on the web. There is lots of stuff written about it. You are what you think. You have to “set the stage” at night to help your dreaming. Good luck!


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