Is it Winter or Is it Spring?




Should I wear a sweater or is just a blouse okay?

Should I take a coat or will the sun warm up today?

I look at all my flowers knowing they might freeze

It might snow tomorrow, this Spring is such a tease

Last year’s herbs are growing in my garden, and that is very strange

Three weeks ago, three feet of snow, did the seasons rearrange?

One day is hot, the next is cold, I found a bee in my garage

Did the bag of colored Christmas balls look like a tasty flower corsage?

This winter wasn’t very cold, that’s quite okay by me

I much prefer the tropic sun with dripping humidity.

I hate the cold, I hate the pain with dry and flaky skin

I love when winter is over and the songs of birds begin

I cut a tomato from the grocery store. I was shocked at what I found

The seeds inside had begun to sprout without being in the ground!

I put them in a nice big pot on a sunny window sill

Hoping they would make it through the days of freezing chill

I have thirty two tomato plants, each three inches high so far

Watching all these plants grow in the winter, so bizarre

It’s been strange not knowing what to do, or what to wear each day

I’ll wait to plant my tomatoes outside until Spring is here to stay

by Sonni Quick. 2016

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