How Important Is It To You To Stay Alive?

I’ve been fighting heavy health issues for many years trying to stay alive, so I have researched inside out and upside down how to eat right – and why. Naturally, as I get older, the battle gets harder. The pollutants in our water, the earth and air has intensified these diseases to the point that we expect them and now consider them “old age” diseases. We get sicker faster. Unfortunately many people don’t do anything about it, or they gave up trying. You only need to go to a grocery store and look at the crap people buy to feed not only themselves, but their kids. It’s sad. I force myself to keep my mouth shut – because thy know. They just don’t care enough to change their habits.

I have only 5 weeks to go taking medication to finally get rid of Hepatitis C. So far so good. If it is STILL gone in August I can say I’m cured. It won’t fix what was already damaged but it won’t damage anything anything else. Now I have to get healthier. So I continue to read and learn about my body. In addition to my problems, my sister had quadruple heart bypass surgery in 2015, and both sisters, my mother and daughter and every other female in my extended family has diabetes and none of them takes it serious enough to stop eating the food that’s killing them. I have no idea about the men. I can’t see why things would be different for them but quite often men have a harder time agreeing to see a doctor and from the men I have known it’s easier for them not to admit they have a problem. I just don’t understand why. It doesn’t make things go away.  Also, Diabetes medicine does not stop diabetes damage.

healthy heart2 weeks ago a 43 year old niece from my first marriage, my children’s first cousin, unexpected died one day at work. She was fine when she left for work. She never came home. She had diabetes. She had a heart attack. My daughter also had blood tests a couple weeks ago.  Her cholesterol is so high they can see it backed up in her blood without any further tests.  I have doubts she has the strength to change. She wants to change, but she accepts that she can’t.  What am I supposed to do with that?

One of my sisters has 2 adult children who have scary high cholesterol – through the roof.  Both parents have heart problems.  Why is heart disease the #1 killer? Hep C gave me a condition that if I don’t get a point of blood taken out will cause a stroke. Hemachromatosis. I’m very lucky the condition was caught. I love it when a Dr says, “I have good news and I have bad news news”. I’ve heard it often enough. Getting rid of Hep C now is too late to change that, so I can’t ignore what I have to do to stay healthy. Why do people ignore diabetes? Is it because SO many people have? It’s so common that people have a ho hum attitude about it ? I know this isn’t everyone. Some people do care, but it isn’t a high percentage.

People often try to fix medical problems by taking a pill and not changing what they eat. How do I know? All these people are overweight. If they were eating right they wouldn’t be. Don’t they care about dying?  Everyone was so very sad when my niece died. Her brother said, “God, give her back!” He was grieving.  She had been very heavy all her life. Did anyone say, “I don’t want to lose you. I love you. Please take better care of yourself”. Now it’s too late.  You need to be pro-active with your life while you have the chance. If it is important that you live, that is.

I have heard about CoQ10 for a long time but never really looked into what it is until a month ago. I AM NOT ADVOCATING THIS BRAND. I chose to purchase VitaPulse – because of type of gel cap that doesn’t get destroyed before it gets to the small intestines where it’s absorbed. It also has N-Acetylcysteine – also good for your heart and lungs. I think this is worth taking so I will continue to research. Start with this article. See what you think. I’d like your opinion

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