No Regrets

2 birds

No Regrets

Two birds
flying high in the sky
touching wings
in a circle side by side
always knowing when to reach
always knowing when to dive
like one mind, these two birds, knew inside

Two hearts
beating as if one
they knew to start
even though there was no sound
they feel the wind
lifting up their heart
knowing without thinking
knowing without knowing
feeling without knowing
why the time was now to fly as one

Like these birds
I never ever wondered
never knew where I was going
never wondered if I was afraid of falling from the sky
I didn’t stop to think
should I fear the crippling thought of being scared
not knowing what was on the other side?

So many years, changing directions
sharp turns to the left
no time to fear
lessons learned in life is quite a gift
No regrets
life taught me to be free
like these birds
I had to trust I wouldn’t fall
and where I am I was supposed to be

Sonni Quick . . . copyright 2015

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