Dear 2014 and My Readers,

I could so relate to this post. It’s been a year with lots of change and ups and downs. Acceptance and non acceptance of people. Having to recognize and accept my circumstances and things that are the way they are and I can’t change them. Instead, I am working on the things I CAN change. I’m getting rid of the things (and people) that don’t matter and take up too much of my mental energy just thinking about them. Those that don’t want to be part of my journey? Their loss. I have a life to live with or without them. I’m going to have a great 2015! Everything is going up from here!



2014: you were a very trying year for me. My relationship of 3 years ended, my bipolar disorder was finally diagnosed, I admitted I had a substance abuse problem, I started therapy, I finally finished school, and I started working on becoming a better individual. I learned a lot about myself this year. OMFG, how could I forget, I tried to commit suicide in September, wow, who forgets that!? Anyway, I’ve learned that I am a good person, and the universe has a lot in store for me. I was forced to see that nothing will ever be handed to me, that I have to work, and work hard to get what I want out of life. I have been sober and relapsed, over and over again. That is ok, for its part of the recovery process. I am happy that 2014 is over, u were hard on me, but…

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