Why is Racism alive and well?

racism sign

I was reading a really good blog post from http://aopinionatedman.com/2014/12/28/racism-is-dead-to-you-because-you-are-white/ I wanted to re-blog it here because many of you know that racism is a topic near and dear to my heart. Racism infuriates me. Racists are ingrates with extremely low life conditions who feel their shit doesn’t stink.

The author was tired of hearing that racism was dead and what did we think? Could racism be dying out because many racists are older white people being replaced by younger, more openminded people?

My website, ‘My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison’ often speaks about racism. It won’t die out. It just changed it focus. Long ago, plantation owners who thought they had the right to exploit the black man for unpaid slave labor is no different than the major corporations today that make their product, to sell to us, by using the slave labor of prison inmates.

There are 6 times more black men in prison than white men. That is not by accident.

My family, through my children, is now quite racially mixed.  I did not ever consider my self racist but I also wasn’t worried about it because I come from very white stock.  German, Irish, English and Welsh.  Now I have two black grandsons ages 6 and 8 who couldn’t ever pass for white.  Now I have fear in my heart knowing that this issue of having racism directed at them is very real. I always examine what I think and say to see if any racism I may have picked up as a child, living in a town with a very clear line down the middle where white people lived on one side and black people lived on the other, still seeps into what I think.  If we would all question why we believe what we do and work on self correcting those beliefs the world would be a better place to live.